jaroslaw-hryszko_1 Jarosław Hryszko – graduated from the Gdynia Maritime University and Gdańsk University of Technology. In the past, associated with Polish Armed Forces and Foundation of Former Special Forces Soldiers GROM, whence he left at his own request. He worked on European and US projects for acquisition and analysis of sensitive data. He studied nuclear power at Wrocław University of Technology, Polish Institute for Nuclear Studies and Institute for Safety and Reliability at the Technical University of Munich. Co-author of Polish government programme for nuclear energy popularization.

Since 2012, as Wroclaw University of Technology’s research team member, he conducts research on artificial intelligence usage for safety and quality assurance in IT systems. He is an expert in that field in one of the world’s leading automotive companies.

Author and co-author of series of books, publications and presentations concerning nuclear and computer systems safety, artificial intelligence and quality assurance in IT.