In today’s world, the ability to communicate has become a commodity, for which I am prepared to pay more than for any other.

John D. Rockefeller

Even something as simple and obvious as making a presentation, can be an art.

Vincent V. Severski „The Illegals”

The world, gentlemen, has recently grown. And became smaller at the same time.

Andrzej Sapkowski „Warriors of God

Andrzej Sapkowski’s notion, put in the mind of a storyteller in a Silesian tavern at the beginning of the fifteenth century, has not lost any of its relevance. The world has become bigger – thanks to technology it became available to a hitherto unprecedented degree. At the same time the world decreased, because reaching any of the world’s point today is not a problem anymore either.

Along with the world’s “decreasing”, we are confronted with an increased risk in our daily life. Information technologies may be helpful but can as well pose a great threat. The ease of travel, with all its good sides, carries an increased risk associated with not only terrorism, but also the spread of unknown diseases, environmental changes and the like.

Our Foundation observes and analyzes incoming data and we ask ourselves questions, which help us in recognizing threats – not only at country’s levels, but also for local communities, businesses and institutions. In order to assist professionals who are ultimately responsible for safety and security, we offer a wide range of training courses tailored to the needs of both the public and private sectors.

Public sector

Public safety is the most important factor for us, and one of the key elements of the Foundation’s mission is to promote citizenship and increase its level of safety. Representatives of the public sector (governments, municipalities, counties, state agencies at different levels), seconded to our Professional Development Program, will receive a 10% discount from the basic price. The condition for receiving a discount is to present a declaration signed by an authorized representative of the person’s home institution.

Development Program foreseen for Public Sector representatives:

  1. Discussion panels (one-day event with experts in the field of security);
  2. Training in information analyses (two-day event);
  3. Identifying threats and the acquisition of information (two-day event);
  4. Using techniques to detect and eliminate threats in local environs (multi-day workshops).

Our on-demand tailored training courses for employees of local institutions for public safety (communal police, municipal police, employees of crisis management centers, fire brigade, police) are adapted to local circumstances.

Training courses are confirmed by appropriate certificates.

Private sector

For the private sector we have foreseen various sets of trainings supporting in the identification of risks.

Due to our top-tier professional intelligence and counterintelligence experience we teach your employees:

  1. Recognizing infiltration attempts;
  2. Controlling effectively information flows;
  3. Identifying “internal spies”.

We also teach information analysis techniques. In cooperation with our partners, we can organize “motivational” events combined with our workshops.

These kind of trainings are conducted on a tailored and dedicated basis only – on request/demand.

Courses are taught by outstanding professionals, former intelligence officers, academics and business practitioners.