Vincent V. Severski – is the literary pseudonym of Włodzimierz Sokołowski. President and Founder of the Po.Int Foundation, bestselling author of espionage & political thrillers, Włodzimierz Sokołowski is a retired high-ranking officer of the Polish Intelligence Agency. He left the Agency in 2007, at his own request after 26 years of service, including several years abroad. Rewarded and honored by the Polish Government and by allied foreign Governments, including the Legion of Merit awarded by the President of the United States. Profile >

Wojciech Martynowicz – Vice-president of the Po.Int Foundation. Graduated from the Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw (1977) and post-graduate studies at the Intelligence Agency Training Center in Stare Kiejkuty (1979). He served as an intelligence officer (analyst and operations officer) and the I Department of the Interior Ministry, both in the Head Office and under cover. In 1990 after the fall of communism, Wojciech Martynowicz was “positively verified”, and – like so many Officers residing abroad – “discharged from service in result of the unit’s disbandment” and not admitted to the newly formed Office for State Protection (pol. Urzad Ochrony Panstwa  – UOP).

In 1993, at the request of SMT of the Office for State Protection, Wojciech Martynowicz was reinstated in the service, where he continued in different positions and in different places, including in the Intelligence Agency. Details of these activities pertaining to this period are not declassified as yet.

In 2007, he resigned, for family reasons, from active duty, without breaking ties with the subject as a matter for studies. For many years he was trainer and expert in the field of advanced techniques / analytical methods and working with information in circumstances of shortage of time and data. Apart from the Polish intelligence agency, his expertise was widely taken advantage of by other special services (also outside Poland), by the Polish Foreign Service and the Chancellery of the Polish President. Profile >

Tomasz Zając – Internet industry professional and Board Member of the Po.Int Foundationas well as Coordinator of the Foundation. Tomasz is a graduate of the National Security faculty at the National Defence Academy in Warsaw and the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization at the University of Warsaw.

Throughout his academic career Tomasz has focused on international affairs with a particular focus on the Russia Federation as well as studying the influence of stereotypical thinking and prejudices on critical thinking within a society. Profile >