Witold Janczys – Witold holds an MA in Economics, he graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Bialystok. He lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. He collaborated with the monthly economic “RBC” magazine which is one of the largest in Russia as well as with the weekly “Litovskij Kurier”. Witold collaborates now with the “Kurier Wileński” a Polish newspaper in Lithuania. Currently he writes for the Russian section of the “Deutsche Welle”, the editorial office of the largest information portal in the Baltic states the DELFI portal as well as for forbes.pl.

He is the author of numerous analytical publications dealing with political, social and economic topics. He interviewed the political and economic elites of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Russia in the area of finance, real estate, energy and security.

Witold’s field of interest: Russian policy, the impact of Moscow’s decision-making on the economic and social processes in our region and around the world, history of the twentieth century, and especially the changes that led to World War I, the rise of the Soviet Union, World War II and the creation of the European Union.